Saturday, May 22, 2010

Arduum News.....

Arduum 2010 - Bigger and Badder than all the years previous.

Mark your calenders folks for June 19th and 20th, the BC Cup to beat all BC Cup races in technical fun.

Some notable improvements with the help of the Course Builder has resulted in a less consequental track, which means more fun for all the riders. Case pads and rollable jumps have been installed along with a healthy does of BERMS! Back for 2010 will be the toilet bowl, the Raceface Rockdrop and the new spicy jump replacing the log gap 3/4 of the way to the bottom.

Shuttles will be provided all day on Saturday and Sunday for the race. We are trying a modified bus/truck combo that we are positive will eliminate many of the issues with the shuttle lag. Unfortunately our request from Mission to install a chairlift was rejected.

Special guest MC for the event to be announced soon, along with an online contest from SRAM, and a return of the Dunbar Cycles 16" MX Pit Racing event the Saturday night. In addition there will be a speed trap compliments of Cycle Component Network, just so you can brag to all your friends how fast you were going.

Sponsors for 2010 include Dunbar Cycles,, Raceface, Transition Bikes, Scion Canada, Sombrio, SRAM, Helly Hansen, Freelap, Redbull, NSMB, Trident Sports will be providing tech support and The Bryson Racing Clan has stepped in with some great swag.

Special thanks goes out to the Greg and Denise, Ewan F, the District of Mission and Cycling BC, without the help and support of these people, this event would not be possible.

Check the website for all the details about the event, sponsors, registration and location of the event.

Some Race Details

Pit Area

Located at the base of the race course along the road will be the "Pit Area". It is here where all the racing teams can set up their tents. We don't own the land and there are no permits so it is free oh charge, feel free to fire us an email and will make sure that you will have a place. We ask if you have a trailer and such, that you get there early on Sat so that it is easier to move around.

Dunbar Cycles 16" Pit Racing

A new course will be built to rip the 16" BMX on in the not so impromtu Pit Race. Helmets are mandatory for this event. Girls and guys can step up and try their luck.


We have a special arrangement with the District of Mission and the Mission Rod and Gun club with letting us use the access road to get to the top of Red Mountain.

We have given the District and the Rod and Gun Club permission to tow any vehicles that park along the access road to the Gun club from Dewdney Trunk Road. Limited parking will be available at the base of the course, along the right spur of the road. Additional parking is along the road and at the Mill Pond Parking Lot.


The form of shuttles for 2010 will be 4 mini buses and 4 cube vans for the bikes. We have ordered enough blankets to cover each bike with one blanket, to ensure that your rig in no way comes into contact with the adjacent bike.

The smaller buses and trucks are easier to drive on the road, as we all know that it is very difficult and steep.

Practice Runs

It is well known that the race course is one of the more difficult ones, and as a result we are in the works to get as much access as possible. We are offering shuttles all day Sat in addition to time on Sunday morning. We are working with the Mission Rod and Gun Club to get access on the 12th and 13th of June. Once we get the approval we'll let you know.


The weather in the Lower Mainland this year is odd at best. This weekend, likes to throw wrenches in the best of plans and as such, prepare yourself for any condition.


No even gets even close to getting off the ground without the help of volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers to assist in any way they can. Please don't think that you need to be there all day, half days are appreciated just as much. We all have jobs and families and understand that they require attention as well. Fire us an email and we will get you sorted with a location and a stellar job to do.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to fire me an email at

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